1. This week’s episode of THE WANDERING WOLF features Taraka & Nimai Larson of @PrinceRama2012. Musicians, visual artists, visionaries.

    Episode 42- Taraka & Nimai Larson (Prince Rama). Yoni heads to the Larson’s Indianapolis art opening to hang out on a Friday night. They sit in a hot tub as part of the installation in the gallery and eventually find themselves back at the hotel for an in depth conversation. They discuss dating, growing up Hare Krishna, the Larson’s genesis in art and music, and touring.

  2. This week’s WANDERING WOLF podcast features Yoni’s sister-in-law, Liz Wolf (Dream Tiger) Check it!

    Episode 41- Liz Wolf (Dream Tiger (Yoni’s Sis-in-Law)). Yoni and his brother’s wife, Liz, sit down for a long-needed talk in Liz’s living room. With the dog and cat in tow, the two discuss Liz’s upbringing and difficult (now estranged) relationship with her mother, her evolution from hippy dresses to punk to rave to something else and then something else, and finding herself as a songwriter/producer in her 30’s after years of floundering.

  3. It’s up! New episode of THE WANDERING WOLF featuring Yoni’s brother, and bandmate, Josiah Wolf. Great episode!

    Episode 40- Josiah Wolf (Yoni’s brother). Finally the two brothers get together for a talk! In the WHY? studio in Josiah’s basement, they go through a chronology of Josiah’s life and trace his roots as a drummer. They also discuss pride vs. humility, what makes a successful musician, relationships vs. single-hood, and getting fucked with as a young white kid with a Raiders Starter.

  4. WHY? + Kishi Bashi @ Radio Radio - MOKB & Joyful Noise Present | Facebook

    JUST ANNOUNCED! We’re playing a show with Kishi Bashi at Radio Radio in Indianapolis on April, 3rd!

  5. New episode of THE WANDERING WOLF is up, featuring video director, Yoni’s life mentor, Scott Fredette!

    Episode 39- Scott Fredette. Yoni has his buddy, director, Scott Fredette over for a motivational conversation. Yoni is feeling a bit lost in the winter and Scott (aka Skipper) is always good for a no bullshit pep talk. They talk about work styles, anxiety, being a single man, Scott’s various video projects and travels, his band, Culture Queer, and allowing one’s self space to be low sometimes.

  6. Today, THE WANDERING WOLF features a talk with Yoni’s brother and sister, Josiah Wolf and Becky Wolf!

    Episode 38- Becky Wolf & Josiah Wolf (sis & bro). The three Wolf siblings, together for the holidays, get together for a talk in Josiah’s basement studio. They talk about work time vs. vacation time, relationships, having kids, introversion vs. extroversion, and plans for the future.

  7. Sorry for the delay! Here is this week’s podcast with Yoni’s uncle, Barney Rubin!

    Episode 37- Barney Rubin (Yoni’s uncle) & Josiah Wolf (brother). Barney shows up in Cincinnati to record a rap song he wrote as a farewell speech of sorts/ tribute to his former boss and friend, Richard Holbrooke, at the state department where he held a position as senior advisor on Afghanistan and South Asia. The three bearded gents discuss the song, Barney’s experiences in and around South Asia, working in government, his current position as director of the Center on International Cooperation at NYU, Barney’s early life, and his passion for music, wine and food.

  8. New episode of THE WANDERING WOLF, my podcast, features my BFF, RJ Maccani, who many of you know and love. Check it out!

    Episode 36- RJ Maccani (Yoni’s BFF). At RJ’s Brooklyn apartment, the two old friends connect for a long talk. They reminisce about old times, and talk about RJ’s current life. They discuss relationships, sex, somatics, RJ’s sexual abuse support group for social justice folks, his job as a theatre producer, Yoni and RJ’s trip to spain as young men, and getting beat up by private school jocks.

  9. THE WANDERING WOLF Christmas Special! Featuring @The_Monster_Cat owner, Bryce Cherry!!

    Episode 35- Christmas Special! (Bryce Cherry (Princess Monster Truck)). This festive episode features a coming of age story by Yoni, a cameo by Donjamin Joliath, and a conversation with famous cat owner, Bryce Cherry (Princess Monster Truck). Celebrate with Yoni and THE WANDERING WOLF!

  10. Sorry it’s late but here it is: new THE WANDERING WOLF podcast is up! Features DJ/producer/socialite, Tony Trimm!!

    Episode 34- Tony Kim (Tony Trimm). After a WHY? show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, the two friends head to Yoni’s hotel for a talk. Just previous to rolling tape Trimm apologizes for being buzzed. They discuss how Tony got his start DJing and making beats, touring with Hannibal Buress, hanging with Dave Chappelle, kung fu, and getting punched in the face while wearing a fedora.

  11. I’m proud to give you Slug of Atmosphere on this weeks THE WANDERING WOLF podcast!

    Episode 33- Sean Daley (Slug (Atmosphere)). Sean picks Yoni up after soundcheck at the Fine Line in Minneapolis for a chat. The two sit in Sean’s car and discuss Sean’s early years, the beginnings of Atmosphere and Rhyme Sayers, living as a veteran successful rapper in this era of the short attention span, old beefs/weirdness with anticon members, and fatherhood.

  12. Here it is! Today’s WANDERING WOLF features Phil Elverum @PWElverum of Mount Eerie/The Microphones!

    Episode 32- Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie). Yoni and Phil meet up outside of Neumo’s rock club in Seattle for a talk in the WHY? tour van. They talk about Twitter and the Internet in general, shortened attention spans, Phil’s history in the northwest, his new auto tuned Garage Band recordings, and canoe-making.