1. Yoni’s conversation with urban dance veteran Ephrat Asherie for THE WANDERING WOLF!! http://bit.ly/1kLVy0I

    Episode 50- Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie. As part of a proposed documentary Yoni has agreed to be a part of, he meets up with dancer/choreographer, Ephrat, for a conversation in her lower Manhattan office/studio. They discuss her genesis and history as a dancer, transitioning from more traditional styles like ballet to urban styles like breaking and house dance, and how to salvage a laptop after spilling tea all over it.

  2. This week’s episode of THE WANDERING WOLF features the incredible artist/composer/genius/friend, Son Lux. He is one of the most talented humans on this earth! ENJOY!

    Episode 49- Ryan Lott (Son Lux). Yoni and friend and label-mate, Ryan get together in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to catch up. They grab coffee and head up to RJ Maccani’s apartment for a talk. They discuss some of Ryan’s really technical studio tricks, his upbringing as a pianist, composer and producer, overcoming musical snobbery, bad Pitchfork reviews, collaboration with Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti as Sisyphus and working with Lorde.

  3. This week’s episode of THE WANDERING WOLF features the great novelist, Tao Lin!

    Episode 48- Tao Lin. Yoni meets up with young novelist, Tao Lin at Tao’s Manhattan apartment. The two get acquainted and discuss Tao’s latest novel, Taipei, the writing process, writing on weed, dating, internet dating, dating fans, bad reviews, and detachment.

  4. Yoni is doing some solo rap shows featuring music spanning his whole career (cLOUDDEAD, Reaching Quiet, WHY?, Hymie’s Basement, etc…)! These shows will feature Serengeti and some Anticon DJs along the way!

    ALSO! There is a premiere of a not-so-long lost video for our song Waterlines. That was slated to be a part of the documentary that never saw the light of day.

    WHY? and Yoni Wolf dates 2014
    April 2—The Pyramid Scheme—Grand Rapids, Michigan
    April 3—Radio Radio—Indianapolis, Indiana
    April 4—The Demo—St. Louis, Missouri
    April 5—Middle Of The Map Fest—Kansas City, Missouri
    April 6—The Waiting Room Lounge—Omaha, Nebraska
    April 7—Randy Bacon Gallery—Springfield, Missouri
    May 6—Pubrock—Scottsdale, Arizona *
    May 7—Solar Culture—Tucson, Arizona *
    May 8—Che Café—La Jolla, California *
    May 9—The Glass House—Pomona, California *
    May 10—Echo—Los Angeles, California *
    May 15—Bottom Of The Hill—Los Angeles, California *
    May 17—Crepe Place—Santa Cruz, California *

    * Rap-only dates with Serengeti. All others are WHY? tour stops

    ENJOY! :)

  5. This week Yoni interviews excellent stand-up comedian / The Champs podcaster, Moshe Kasher!

    Episode 47- Moshe Kasher. Yoni and long-time acquaintance, now friend, comedian, Moshe, meet up in Madison after Moshe’s killer sold-out stand-up set. They talk into the wee hours of the night, discussing relationships, sex, sex, sex, groupies, religion, and Ice Cube.

  6. This week’s episode of THE WANDERING WOLF features an old friend of the band; firefighter, musician, excellent human, Joel Cotton!

    Episode 46- Joel Cotton & Josiah Wolf (old friend & bro). Yoni and Josiah get together with Josiah’s bff, Joel Cotton for an in depth, meandering chat in the studio. They discuss Joel’s soon-to-be first child, his feelings of being an outcast, possible psychic abilities, having guns pulled on him, and why he never joined WHY?.

  7. Hi WANDERING WOLF listeners. Check out Yoni’s conversation w Mike Bridavsky, owner of famous cat, @iamlilbub Li’l Bub.

    Episode 45- Mike Bridavsky (Li’l Bub’s bud). Famous cat owner/ studio owner/ engineer/ producer/ musician, Mike and Yoni meet up at Joyful Noise Recordings in Indianapolis to discus his cat, Li’l Bub, and his music career.

  8. Episode 44- Privacy Discussion (Listeners’ Calls). This is the second half of the phone calls Yoni has with listeners. This time they discuss privacy in relation to the new ‘Net-driven world. Many different opinions are voiced.

  9. New episode of THE WANDERING WOLF available now!

    Episode 43- Valentine’s Wrap-up (Listeners’ Calls). On February 15th, after Yoni calls a bunch of podcast listeners to discuss love and relationships. Many different points of view are taken, from full on walking on sunshine, to complete disbelief in love.

  10. This week’s episode of THE WANDERING WOLF features Taraka & Nimai Larson of @PrinceRama2012. Musicians, visual artists, visionaries.

    Episode 42- Taraka & Nimai Larson (Prince Rama). Yoni heads to the Larson’s Indianapolis art opening to hang out on a Friday night. They sit in a hot tub as part of the installation in the gallery and eventually find themselves back at the hotel for an in depth conversation. They discuss dating, growing up Hare Krishna, the Larson’s genesis in art and music, and touring.

  11. This week’s WANDERING WOLF podcast features Yoni’s sister-in-law, Liz Wolf (Dream Tiger) Check it!

    Episode 41- Liz Wolf (Dream Tiger (Yoni’s Sis-in-Law)). Yoni and his brother’s wife, Liz, sit down for a long-needed talk in Liz’s living room. With the dog and cat in tow, the two discuss Liz’s upbringing and difficult (now estranged) relationship with her mother, her evolution from hippy dresses to punk to rave to something else and then something else, and finding herself as a songwriter/producer in her 30’s after years of floundering.

  12. It’s up! New episode of THE WANDERING WOLF featuring Yoni’s brother, and bandmate, Josiah Wolf. Great episode!

    Episode 40- Josiah Wolf (Yoni’s brother). Finally the two brothers get together for a talk! In the WHY? studio in Josiah’s basement, they go through a chronology of Josiah’s life and trace his roots as a drummer. They also discuss pride vs. humility, what makes a successful musician, relationships vs. single-hood, and getting fucked with as a young white kid with a Raiders Starter.