1. Episode 65- Johnny Pemberton. Yoni meets up with Johnny at his Los Angeles office for a get-to-know-you talk. They talk for over 2 hours! The first half of the conversation is available for listening on Pemberton’s ‘Twisting the Wind’ podcast on the Feral network. They trade healthy recipes, discuss Johnny’s career as an actor and stand-up, auditioning and casting, his favorite roles, routine, meditation, and writing.

  2. Episode 64- April O’Neil. Yoni heads up to April’s hip downtown LA loft to have a little talk. They discuss April’s upbringing, how she got into porn, girl only porn vs. guy-girl porn, boyfriend sex vs. porn sexx, costume play, pinball, and baking.

  3. This week’s episode of THE WANDERING WOLF podcast features ex-Dirty Projectors/Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks/ solo musician, Angel Deradoorian!!

    Episode 63- Angel Deradoorian. Yoni and Angel meet up at Angel’s house in LA for an in-depth talk. They discuss meditation, yoga, recording her debut solo EP, the solo full-length she just finished, self-motivation, playing in Dirty Projectors, Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, and a bunch of other bands, her musical upbringing, and touring.

  4. Episode 62- Anna Stewart 2 (Divorcee). Anna drives up to Cincinnati from her home in Austin, Texas to edit a video for her and Yoni’s project, Divorcee. The two begin a podcast conversation in Yoni’s kitchen and finish it out over the phone during Anna’s 18 hour drive home. They discuss their complicated relationship, Anna’s first year as a special education teacher, her desire for company and hopes for finding a gentleman and having kids, and Anna raps a Tupac song.

  5. Episode 60- Becky Wolf 2 (Sister). Yoni returns to Oakland and so Becky returns to THE WANDERING WOLF from her dining room table. They discuss her getting back on anti-depressants, her school going on lock-down, her future plans, how the public school systems are damaged and how they might be improved.

  6. Yoni’s convo with @OddNosdam71 for THE WANDERING WOLF!!

    Episode 59- David Madson (Odd Nosdam). Yoni and David sit down on the patio of David’s west Berkeley cottage. They talk about David’s early years, cLOUDDEAD, his work with Serengeti and Jel, reaching quiet, recording techniques, diet, shoes, and bass.

  7. JUST ANNOUNCED! Fall tour with Dessa!

    We’re so incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be doing some shows on the East Coast and Canada with the amazing Dessa! These are not to be missed!

    9/18: Detroit - Crofoot Ballroom
    9/19: Toronto - Lee’s Palace
    9/21: NYC - Le Poisson Rouge
    9/22: Philladelphia - Union Transfer
    9/23: Washington DC - Black Cat
    9/25: Pittsburgh - Altar Bar
    9/27: Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
    9/28: Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall

  8. Episode 57- Giovanni Marks (formerly Subtitle). In Highland Park, CA, Yoni arrives at rapper, Gino’s house to pick him up for a stand-up comedy show they are to attend, and after Gino starts talking, he decides to press record on the device. They go on to have a long tangental talk about Gino’s history, LA underground rap, living in Europe, record labels, ghost writing, and bitterness.

  9. This week, Yoni speaks with the incredible, Regan Farquhar, aka/pka/bka Busdriver!

    Episode 56- Regan Farquhar (Busdriver). In the midst of Yoni’s solo tour, in LA, he meets up with Regan for a talk in anticon manager, Shaun Koplow’s Echo Park apartment. They discuss Regan’s history, Project Blowed, Hellfyre Club, being a grizzled vet, and veganism.

  10. This week on THE WANDERING WOLF! Old school homie, David Bryant aka Passage.

    Episode 55- David Bryant (Passage). David (Passage (of Restiform Bodies)) and Yoni meet up at Yoni’s hotel in Phoenix for an in depth talk. They sit out by the pool and talk about Dave’s new enterprise, raving, punking, rapping, Dave’s history, and struggling with addiction.

  11. Holy Moly! Yoni’s mom is on THE WANDERING WOLF!

    Episode 54- Rachel Wolf (Yoni’s Mom). Finally, Yoni and Rachel get together for a podcast conversation from Yoni’s car in a Cincinnati park on a beautiful spring day. They discuss the kind of women Yoni goes for, getting wiser with age, tough times, control, staying on the periphery of social situations, spirituality, Rachel’s relationship with her parents and children, and her childhood.

  12. Listen to a Rap Mixtape from Yoni Wolf, Frontman of WHY? | NOISEY

    Listen to Yoni’s awesome new mixtape here on Noisey! Also, be sure to check out his tour dates starting this week! 5/6 - Scottsdale AZ - Pubrock 5/7 - Tucson AZ - Solar Culture 5/8 - La Jolla CA - Che Cafe 5/9 - Pomona, CA - The Glass House Concert Hall Blue Room 5/10 - Los Angeles, CA - Echo (early show) w Anticon DJs 5/15 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom Of The Hill w Anticon DJs 5/17 - Santa Cruz, CA - Crepe Place 5/22 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge 6/11 - Denton, TX - Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios 6/12 - Austin, TX - Red 7