Yoni's cover of 'We Are Real' by Silver Jews for World Mental Health Day available now.

I always looked up to ‪David Berman‬. His songs and his poetry book had a huge impact on me in my early career. His death was a staggering blow. We were only distant acquaintances but he somehow felt like a long lost half big brother or estranged uncle. I was a wreck for several days after I heard the news, listening to and reading all his work. Then I decided to learn “We Are Real” as a way to console myself. It was quite an emotional experience but sure enough it helped a lot to just sing his words out loud.

Listen to the song on Bandcamp here: https://whywithaquestionmark.bandcamp.com/track/we-are-real

In honor of World Mental Health Day, all proceeds from this song will be sent to AFSP and MusiCares. Available now on @bandcamp, and 10/22 anywhere you stream music.
Many thanks to @lala_band__, @itsgabbysworld, @grassless, @grahammarsh_, @prescription_pr, @bighasslemedia, and @joyfulnoiserecs for donating their time and effort to this cover.