The Wandering Wolf - 113 Sylvan Esso

Episode 113- Sylvan Esso (Amelia & Nick). While they are in Cincinnati to play Midpoint festival, Sylvan Esso and Yoni take some time out to talk in Sylvan Esso’s tour bus. They discuss Nick’s musical upbringing and participation in several semi-successful rock bands, Amelia’s youth as a contortionist, Amelia’s father as a professional Santa Claus, Mountain Man, mountain men, making thinking persons’ pop music, and living in a small city.

The Wandering Wolf - 111 Ravi Zupa

Episode 111- Ravi Zupa. Yoni and old friend, accomplished artist, Ravi, get together during Yoni’s weekend in Denver for Goldrush festival. They sit on a bench in the park and discuss monogamy vs. polygamy/polyamory, anger, God and religion, Ravi’s family history, loss, being like a tree, and living up to one’s potential.

The Wandering Wolf - 105 Anna Stewart & Scott Fredette

Episode 105- Anna Stewart & Scott Fredette. While Anna is in Cincinnati for the weekend, the 3 friends meet up at Spring Grove Cemetery and after visiting Anna’s grandmothers, they talk. They discuss mindfulness, being easier on yourself, fear, anxiety, and what their last meal would be.

The Wandering Wolf - 101 Ryan & Addy Hall

Episode 101- Ryan & Addy Hall. After being invited to appear on Ryan’s podcast, Tome to the Weather Machine, and Ryan agreeing to make it a dual release, Yoni heads over to Ryan and Addy’s Cincinnati apartment for a talk. They talk about music, Ryan and Addy’s time as Peace Corps volunteers in Swaziland, Africa, growing up a Mormon punk rocker, and Swazi toilets.

The Wandering Wolf - 100 Listeners' Calls

Episode 100- Listeners’ Calls. As a celebrations for the centennial episode, Yoni takes calls from podcast listeners and discusses whatever subjects they want. They discuss love, recording, writing, and taking a zen approach.